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Home Storage Quick Tip #13 – Food is a Gift

I grew up in the 70’s when every morning every mother I knew of  made a nice hot bowl of oatmeal for her family.  We hardly knew what cold cereal was except for commercials.  Or if we went to my Grandma’s house.  We were delighted to have shredded wheat with as much sugar on it as we wanted there.  One Christmas it was so exciting!  Each of the six kids got a wrapped box of their favorite cereal!  Wow.  I packed my Lucky Charms off to a secret place in my room and savored it until Easter.  It was a symbol of the pure love of Christmas.  Food storage as a gift.

When I was in my twenties, the best Christmas present ever was the pressure canner from my parents.  My sister and I were starting families then, and both got one.  They were beautiful.  Bright and shiny with a lovely gauge and black bolts that made their own music as you carried it up from the basement.  They were tall and heavy, and double, holding up to 14 quarts each.  That gift provided not just food, but memories.  We worked together with babies underfoot in the early years.  The older children remember snapping beans in a big circle, laughing and having fun together.  I wonder how many massive amounts of food trickled from that perfect gift.  I plan on handing it down to my kids.

There are a multitude of gifts that you can give to enhance someone else’s food storage.  Baskets with a few meals inside (pancake meal, pasta meal, peanut butter meal) all dressed up like a Christmas tree are wonderful.  More expensive items like honey are fun to receive when you haven’t had the resources to buy it yourself.  If you love somebody, and you love spaghetti, give them pasta.  It’s symbolic.

I know there is a certain amount of detachment when you think about food storage as a gift, but for those of you who really want to be prepared, there are some things that could be presented incognito, a hit of the party, and used in the future.  (Maybe inadvertantly by you 🙂 )

  • Cute flashlights for the whole family
  • Extra extension cords (you already want to put colored lights on the house)
  • Camping stove with fuel (Lots of time together in the woods)
  • Other camping supplies (In the name of quality family time)
  • Shovel (I love shovels personally.  I wish I could collect them)
  • Jumper cables (Do you have a daughter learning to drive?)
  • Work gloves (Cute ones with flowers for her.  Leather long-lasting ones for him)
  • Heavy duty blankets or sleeping bags (Strawberry Shortcakes aren’t very warm, however)
  • Spices or seasonings (To keep the spice in your marriage or to symbolize a seasoned marriage)
  • Dutch oven (Oh yeah!  Enough said)
  • Complete 72-hour kit (A labor of love)
  • Food dehydrator (Don’t every give your’s away when you move)
  • Meat Smoker (Smelly, but he’ll love it)
  • Shelf systems (Good shelves re every woman’s dream)
  • Generator with accompanying fuel storage (So he can be in charge)
  • Wet surface vacuum (If not for big emergencies, at least for cleaning up after sick kids)
  • Freezer (Chest or upright)
  • Rope or baling twine (Satifies when you have it and you need it)
  • BBQ Grill (One that lasts forever)
  • Bread Mixer (Lovin’ from the Oven)
  • Wheat Grinder
  • Space Heater
  • First Aid Kit
  • Food Storage Buckets
  • New bank account with cash for emergency only
  • Coupon for fruit tree in the spring

The most important thing is to feel the joy and fun of giving to others.  Use your imagination!  Remember:  Nothing says Merry Christmas like a 100 lb. bag of certified hard red wheat.


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