What’$ Up With That?

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Food STorage Quick Tip #4 – Fuel Prices

Question of the week:  I’m trying to get my food storage, but food prices are higher.  What’s up with that?
Answer:  Higher gas prices.

We are in a recession with the same initial signs as in the 1970’s.  Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we don’t pay attention to what is going on around us.  Then all of a sudden.  Holy Cow!

When the price of oil is high, everything is affected by it.  That is why you hear about gas prices 24/7.  Have you noticed that postage went up another penny a few months ago?  It costs more to deliver the mail.  Producing and delivering crops is more expensive.  Recent crop failures have also contributed to the higher food prices.  Dining out is going up.  Getting to work costs more.  Industries like road construction costs are up and taxes will be affected.  And my personal bummer:  I have to rethink y Ebay purchases because it costs me more in shipping when I have a successful auction win.

So the cost of living is going up.  Prices are becoming inflated.  Does this mean our paychecks are also going to rise?  Hmmmmmm.

Day to day, we should be preparing ourselves for this to last longer than a few months because sources say it will.  Since more of our disposable income is eaten up now with necessities, we have to find ways to make that income work until the cycle changes.

As long as we have to pay for it, let’s use less of it:

  • If you have two vehicles, use the one with better gas mileage whenever possible.
  • Avoid extra trips to town.  Make a list before you go of the stopes you have to make.  And use the most direct route.
  • Walk.  Especially short distances.  As mother used to say, “you’ve got legs”.
  • Bring out the bikes.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Exercise/saving fuel = Weightloss/$$
  • Carpool.  We all have kids that go places.  Don’t be afraid to split the driving with another parent.
  • Have teenagers buy their own gas. (Enough said).
  • Drive 55 mph.  Yes.  55 mph.  You might think it is unbelievable, but that is what we did in the 70’s.  It was the law nationwide and we lived by it.  Okay, okay, I’m not serious about 55 mph.  It behooves no one to cause an accident in the fast lane.  Just go the speed limit.

Think about how these principles are relevant to your on family.  Assignment A:  Fill your gas cans at home.  Even a few gallons will be hellpful if evacuation is called for in an emergency.  Store in a well ventilated area.  Then pick one way you will conserve gas this week.  Or B:  there may be an increased intereste in food preservation in the coming months.  Think about stocking up on lids if you can (can as in canning).  Or, C:  Add another staple this week from your pantry list.


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