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Food Storage Quick Tip #3 – How much does it really cost?

This week is a focus is about needs and wants and how it translates into preparedness.  This tactic can me the difference in our debt, our self reliance, and personal well being.  Sacrificing something “at the moment” can bloom  when you make a more secure decision for the relative future.  Even little things.  It is kind of like weight loss, demanding choices and will power.  Likewise, it is easier when somebody else you know has similar goals.  So get with a friend and accept the challenge to review and share your ways of thinking.
The comparisons below can give you a breakdown of affordability on wants vs. what you really need.  Of course it is not to the penny, but it is a close to a rough dollar for dollar exchange.  They are only random examples. Put the words “translates into” wherever you see the = sign.
2/$13 movies from Walmart = 25 cans tuna (.52 per can)
4 Pizza Hut deliveries (soda included) = 45 lbs. beef (1.79 lb.)for your freezer
$100 cell phone upgrade (you are eligilbe!) = 28 gallons gas (3.719)
10 cases/24 pack soda (3/$12) = Small food dehydrator (Snackmaster brand)
5 new release DVD rentals (3.99 ea.) = 3 1/2 jumbo packs of toilet paper (5.97 unit)
2 Butterfinger candy bars = 3 packages household matches
1 Sunday outfit from Target (includes shoes) = 8–10 hours work (10.00/hour net)
3 McDonald’s chicken nugget happy meals (2 with uneaten fries) = 25 lb. flour
Cosmetic Surgery = I think you get the picture.
Assignment: A: Instead of eating out this week, take the money you would have spent and start an emergency expense fund.  Or B:  Instead of eating out this week, take the money you would have spent and buy as many items on your food storage inventory list from last week.

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