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Food Storage Quick Tip #2 – Do an Inventory

This week I want you to go to your pantries and make an inventory of what you do have.  Take a piece of paper and write down items as you go that you need or desire.  Think about the way your family eats.  Look for ingredients to recipes your family LIKES.  Do you have oil for those cake mixes?   Do you have the cream soup for your main dishes?  How many meals do you have on hand?  If you bought 6 cans in last week’s assignments, you can see that 6 cans of vegetables just gave you part of 6 dinners.  If you bought 6 cans of soup or chili, you have almost a week’s worth of lunches.    Is your pantry full of fun fruits and chips, you will not fulfill your supply of food, or sustain your family if the situation is dire.

Go to your fridge or freezer.  If you don’t have a large freezer, you can still store a few things in your small one.  Do you have chicken for that enchilada recipe or hamburger for spaghetti?  Enough frozen  vegetables?    Frozen prepared foods such as pizza or meat pies are great for convenience, but overall more expensive and take up more room than basic meats or juices.

How are you doing on the basic staples?  A staple is a principle item or commodity that can be used in different ways.   Examples are; shortening, butter, honey, oil, peanut butter, jam, rice, wheat, flour, sugar.  I would also say baby formula if that applies to you.  These items could make the difference in a situation where there are no prepared foods to be had.

Many of us have bought and paid for home storage items that we either don’t know how to use or don’t like to eat.  It doesn’t help us to have food that we aren’t going to eat (although it could be a barter able item in a bad situation).   Don’t know how to use wheat?  Pick rice.  Don’t like rice?  Pick pasta.  Nobody’s choice is right or wrong, and everybody choice may be different.  The key here is to do it YOUR way in the way of choice of food for three months.

Okay, got your list?  We know that food prices are up, but here’s  Assignment: A: When you go to the store this week, purchase one or more of a larger staple.  Pick something you WILL USE in an affordable quantity.  (Sorry Ladies, soda pop or Slimfast does not qualify :D)   Or  B: When you go to the store the next few weeks, look for meat on sale.   This week buy 2 items or more of meat.  Canned or freezable.  Meat can get expensive, but when you see it on sale, buy two instead of one.


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