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No Brainer

Food Storage Quick Tip #1 – Start at the beginning

When we lived in Washington State, because we lived in a forest, we had
quite a bit of wildlife around.  One morning, I heard a loud banging going
on.  I glanced over at my neighbor’s porch where she kept a metal tin with a
tight lid containing her cat food.  A raccoon had discovered it and was
batting it back and forth across the porch trying to open it.  Soon you
could see him with his little hands trying to get under the lip.  the can
clanked back and forth for a long time.  After awhile, it finally clattered
off the porch, the raccoon following behind.  Raccoons are pretty smart, but
he couldn’t crack the lid on that can.

I can just imagine people having no electricity, a lot of canned goods, and
looking like silly raccoons trying to find away to open them up.  Which
method would YOU use:  Hammer?  Ballpoint pen?  Your teeth?  How about
throwing it off the roof of the house?  It would be pretty darned

Assignment A: Purchase, if you don’t have one already,
a manual (I call it an analog:D) can opener.  Doesn’t have to be expensive,
just has to work.  B: Buy 6 extra cans of food when you shop this week.


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Food Storage, Smood Smorage.

Quick Tips Ahead

The purpose of this blog is to get you charged about food storage.  Yeah, yeah.  You’re weary.  You’ve heard it all before.  But listen.  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming; (two years supply of food).  Neither does it have to be expensive; (two years supply of food).  Realistically, food storage must start small and a little at a time.  We’ll start with a three month’s supply. 

Each week or so, I will be posting a quick tip or assignment about home storage or self reliance.  I guarantee that there is something anyone can do, even with limited resources.  With this in mind, keep a look out for the QUICK TIP OF THE WEEK.  I think you will enjoy it.

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